About Us

Not a Johnny-come-lately in the furniture industry, Joe Gibson Promotions has been specialized in high-impact, high dollar-generating retail furniture promotions throughout the Southeast since 1981. Our unequalled success is due in part to the fact, that it's President, Joe Gibson, spent many years in the retail furniture business. And as a former furniture retailer, no one knows better than Joe Gibson, the challenges and difficulties store owners face each day in our world of forever increasing competition.

When Joe Gibson Promotions coordinates your high-impact promotion, you'll get more than our years of expertise; you'll also get a highly trained promotions manager , a professional staff of sales people, professionally produced and placed advertising, and a company dedicated to performance and thrilled by a challenge.

If you are contemplating a liquidation, you need to know that Joe Gibson Promotions is approved by the United States Bankruptcy Court, and the North Carolina Receivership Court.