Joe Gibson Promotions

We are JOE GIBSON PROMOTIONS , specialist in high-impact, high revenue-generating sales promotions for furniture retailers.  In today's highly competitive, and sometimes downright hostile marketplace, it's becoming increasingly difficult to generate a profit... even if sales are good.  In fact, many furniture retailers with years, or even decades of success and respect in their community, are suddenly finding it difficult to survive.

We are not just liquidators and we don't just run promotional sales/events. We create and manage promotional sales/events that are designed specifically to liquidate inventory, produce an immediate/significant postive cash flow and a bottom line profit for your business.

Each promotion we conduct is custom tailored to meet the  clients needs. The sale we create for you will be designed to meet your specific goal.  Whether it's temporary cash flow problems, money owed to suppliers, bank pressures, bankruptcy, a planned retirement, health or personal problems, or a desire to go out of (or into) business with a bang. CALL US! We realize that the sales event we create for you will not be the end in itself; rather, it will be the means to achieve the end you desire.

All of this is nothing without total accountability.  This is why we provide complete accrual accounting services.

If you call us now, you probably need us now.  So, now is when we are ready.  Everyday between now and the day your promotion begins just delays the positive cash flow you need.  By the same token, every day you delay in calling us, nets in the same result.